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Артур Олегович | ✎

Артур Олегович

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  • About the performer

    Hello. My name is Arthur. I'm a freelance retoucher. I provide the following editing services: retouching of portrait photos: skin, eyes, hair, etc. (Preserving skin texture, like magazine quality) Face retouching Color / tone / contrast correction, color correction manipulations with creative ideas (be sure to contact me before making an order) Background correction / manipulations Body shaping Posture adjustment Removing all distracting details Removing / adding people, objects, effects, removing defects on the face. Eye color changes, teeth whitening, as well as processing photos in ART style. There is also a unique opportunity to make your photo a "Live" photo where attention is immediately focused on one specific subject( as 1080p, 2k, 4k video) If you want to have other (unique) services, feel free to contact me. Of course, I can offer you other prices for my services. Contact me so that I can more accurately estimate the cost of your order.
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