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  • About the performer

    I'm a professional beauty retoucher. I save your time and guarantee terms and quality. I make your photos more adorable leaving no trace of my presence. Terms 1. An advance payment of 50% of the total cost of the work 2. I work according to your requirements 3. When I finish I’ll send you photos with a watermark and to accept revisions only once 4. Final photos in a good quality will be sent to you after the rest of the payment is completed How much time do I need for a work? It depends on your requirements and quantity of photos 1 photo - one day after an advance payment of 50% 10 photos – 5 days after an advance payment of 50% For urgency + 50% of the total cost Pricing depends on • photo type (face, full height, 1 or more people) • specific requirements • quantity of photos • terms (for urgency + 50% of the total cost) Specific requirements What information do I need from you? • You can attach a reference (some photos, that show which colors or retouching style you prefer) • You can leave notes directly on a photo with text, circles and lines: remove pimple, change a color, highlight cheeks etc.
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